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How many seeds are in your packet?

In 1900, farm families were large, requiring huge kitchen gardens. Seed packets were sized to grow enough food for the year. While many companies have downsized their seed packets, Burrell Seed Growers, LLC still packs the same amount of seed that they did 119 years ago. In most cases, at least double what you get elsewhere.

Since we occasionally get asked, our seed is typically offered untreated. The only exceptions are those seeds which were could not be obtained untreated, currently Athena Cantaloupe, Super Sugar Snap Pea, Little October Pumpkin and Taybelle Acorn Squash. Thank you.

This year seed is coming in slower than usual, however we are getting it. If your order includes an item which is backordered, we will try to contact you. If I am hoping it will be in soon, often we will set the order aside to get it as soon as comes in. Otherwise I will ship with a comment card saying what items are on backorder. Thank you for understanding. 

How many seeds are in your packet?

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