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– Catalog Confirmation –

With most of our customers ordering through our website, and since we will be sending out our 2023 retail catalog in January, we like to know who is still interested in being on the mailing list to receive a paper catalog.

We know that things change, for example if you have moved in the year or so we may not have your current address, and with changing trends we know not everyone is interested in paper catalogs. We also are in the process of updating our online services, including an online catalog, package tracking and alerts about seed supply, pricing and such.

Confirm Catalog Request

Please confirm if you wish to receive a physical catalog, a digital version, or if you would prefer not to receive any further materials from our company.

Please add any address or name changes which may need to be added to the system as well.

You may also use this form to request you be removed from any further mailings or emails. Thank you.