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Cover Crop Mixes


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Cover crops are plants that are planted mainly to cover the soil and add nutrients rather than for harvesting. Cover crops protect against the soil erosion and breakdown, add nutrition and fertility to the soil, as well as protection against weeds and pests. Some, like the Daikon Radish and Purple Top Turnip, break up hard soils making it easier for earthworms, nutrients and water to get into the soil. Others, like clover and peas, support nitrogen creating bacteria in the soil… important for many crops like corn. Cover crops also support biodiversity and wildlife over the winter months, by providing food and shelter for small birds and mammals.We also carry green manure mixes. Green manure is created by leaving uprooted or sown crop parts to wither on a field so that they serve as a mulch and soil amendment. The plants used for green manure are often cover crops grown primarily for this purpose. Typically, they are ploughed under and incorporated into the soil while green or shortly after flowering.These mixed cover crops are the most common multi-crop cover crop choices.We carry a wide variety of cover crops, and if you are looking for a specific one you don’t see here, email me at BurrellSeeds@Gmail.com and I will see what I can do for you.

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Peas/Oats Mix (70% Winter Pea, 30% Oats), Fall Manure Mix (50% Ryegrain, 20% Winter Pea, 10% Ryegrass, 10% Clover, 10% Vetch), Post Harvest Mix (80% Winter Rye, 10% Winter Pea, 10% Turnip)