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Watermelon – Dixie Queen


75 Days | The Dixie Queen Watermelon is a fast growing large heirloom watermelon.  This variety is an old-time variety that has been a garden staple since 1935. Light pink flesh still very sweet, with a mostly pale green skin with dark striping. Melons are mostly round, growing oblong at larger sizes. Also called Cuban White Seeded, because of the small pale seeds that never look fully mature.Originally added into the Burrell Catalog in 1936, this 40 Lb. melon is back after a long vacation, and we think you will understand how it has lasted so many years.Packet contains about 8 grams of seed or over 60 seeds.You will not be charged shipping costs on products that have ‘free ship’ indicated in their title. Otherwise, shipping charges will be added during checkout based on the total weight of the order. All orders include handling charges. 

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Heirloom light green watermelon75 days approximately from transplant to mature fruit30-40 Lb. round melons with light red flesh