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Collards – Georgia Southern


Classic southern collards greens with blue-green open heads spreading 36″. Tolerant to heat and humidity, full of vitamins and freezes well. Heirloom collard greens which grow well even in Northern states. Only improves in flavor with the early frost.The collard is a cool-season crop that should be grown during early spring or fall. Direct seed midsummer or early spring. Set transplants out in early spring or late summer. The mature plant will withstand frosts and light to medium freezes.Packet contains about 8 grams of seed.All orders have a handling fee, however only “plus shipping” items will have added postage.

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55-65 Days to maturity4-7 Days to sproutCollard Greens seeds per Oz: About 9,000Collard Greens seeds per Lb: About 145,000Plant 1/2″-3/4″ deep, in rows 24″-36″ apart, thinning to 3″-6″ apart once the seeds sprout for greens, 6″-10″ for full maturity.