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Cantaloupe – Hearts of Gold


85 Days | This orange fleshed melon first joined our catalog in 1920. 2-3 Lb. melons grow on a prolific blight resistant vine. One of our first “modern” cantaloupes, and finally back in our catalog. Vigorous, prolific plants bear medium-sized, roundish luscious fruits with heavily netted and medium ribbed skin and thin rinds.Packet contains 6 grams of seed.All orders include handling charges. Free shipping items will not include any added charges for shipping. Plus shipping items will include postage.


80-100 Days to maturity3-7 Days to sproutMelon seeds per Oz: About 1,000Melon seeds per Lb: About 16,000Plant 1″-2″ deep, in rows 6′-8′ foot apart. Thin or transplant to a spacing of 2′-3′.Water at base of the plant every 10-14 days until melons reach softball size.

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