Cucumber – Homemade Pickle


60 Days   |    This prolific pickling cucumber really needs a fence or trellis. Growing as large as 5″ while maintaining the traditional ‘pickle’ shape, this heirloom cucumber has been in and out of our catalog for decades. Strong disease resistant vines will produce blimp or capsule shaped pickling cucumbers all summer. Extremely productive and very popular.

Seed packet contains nearly 7 grams of seed.

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40-65 Days to maturity

3-7 Days to sprout

Cucumber seeds per Oz: About 1,000

Cucumber seeds per Lb: About 16,000

Plant 1″-1 1/2″ deep, in rows 24″-36″ apart, thinning to 18″-24″ apart once the seeds sprout, with either stake or trellis space of about 3′ by 6′