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Cantaloupe – Honey Rock


80 Days | This heirloom cantaloupe has distinctive ridges and coarsely netted skin growing 3 Lb. melons per plant with sweet salmon colored flesh. Dating back to the 1920s, the melon is sweet, fine grained with a distinct flavor. Developed here in the Arkansas Valley, this melon doesn’t crack due to its thick salmon flesh.

Packets contains about 6 grams of seed.

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70-90 Days to maturity3-7 Days to sprout

Melon seeds per Oz: About 1,000

Melon seeds per Lb: About 16,000

Plant 1″-2″ deep, in rows 6′-8′ foot apart. Thin or transplant to a spacing of 2′-3′.Water at base of the plant every 10-14 days until melons reach softball size.

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