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Precision Planter


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An ideal row crop planter, the 1001-B is a tool that takes the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Here’s how it works: install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed, adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener, and then set your 30 inch long row marker for the desired width. Fill the seed hopper with seeds, then begin pushing in your well-tilled soil— that’s it! The results will speak for themselves when you look at your garden days later. Seeing all your crops come up out of the ground, all at the same time, will make you the envy of every gardener planting without the 1001-B.Our standard seed plates included with the 1001-B can plant sweet corn, radish, leeks, spinach, carrots, lettuce, turnips, beans, small and jumbo peas, beets, okra, swiss chard, hemp and more!The additional plate set includes even more options, including cabbage/broccoli, popcorn, carrots, and cucumbers, as well as a solid plate that can be modified for special spacing.Earthway product.

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Weight 8 lbs