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Earthway 4-Lb Spreader


Designed for smaller hands with an integrated scoop design, the 14014 can scoop material out of bags or cans so you do not need to touch the material you are spreading. With the 4LB capacity, the 14014 makes for quick work of spot spreading. The 4 LB capacity also makes this product worksite ready and easy to handle. The poly design ensures that the product is rustproof and provides years of service. The spreader is designed for those hard-to-reach places in your yard. This unit can easily fit inside a bag or 5-gallon bucket of fertilizer. Built with an ergonomic handle to make holding your spreader a breeze. The improved impeller allows for a better spread. The innovative impeller allows for an increase in pressure and less work on the operator side. The ergonomic trigger is designed to make spreading your material effortless. The ergonomic trigger makes the spreader easy to spread the material, it also allows for more control when you are spreading. Adjustable-rate control allows you to control the rate you spread at.

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