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Tomato – Beefsteak Pink


90 Days | An old favorite among home gardeners. Indeterminate vines produce meaty, oblate fruits averaging 12 oz. Red flesh has a rich tomato flavor that is great for sandwiches and hamburgers. The traditional “hamburger” tomato, due to the small seed cavities which do not deform as much when cut.All orders include a handling fee, however orders with only “free shipping” items will have no further charges. Plus shipping items will include postage depending on size of the order.


85-90 days  |  Heirloom pink beefsteak tomato, growing as large as 2 lbs. An indeterminate tomato, which needs a tomato cage or other support, especially as the tomatoes grow and it gets heavier. This is an older variety which is sweeter than the red beefsteak tomato, but still a great slicing and fresh eating tomato. Approx 7,000 seeds per ounce.


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