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Rutabaga – American Purple Top


Rutabaga, sometimes called Swedes or Yellow turnip, have been in our catalog since the very first printing. This high vitamin root crop is can be planted late into July in most of the country, and will survive the fall frost.American Purple Top is good dependable variety used for storage and shipping. Roots large, globe shaped with small neck and tap root. Skin yellow with purple top. Flesh light yellow, firm, tender and crisp.Packet contains about 7 grams of seed.All orders include a handling fee, however orders with only “free shipping” items will have no further charges. Plus shipping items will include postage depending on size of the order.


80-90 Days to maturity10-12 Days to sproutRutabaga seeds per Oz: About 12,000Rutabaga seeds per Lb: About 190,000Plant 1/2″-1″ deep, in rows 12″-18″ apart, thinning to 1″-2″ apart once the seeds sprout.

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