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Watermelon – Black Diamond


92 Days | A vigorous productive melon, used throughout the south for long distance shipping. Fruits average large specimens of 30 to 50 Lb. when well grown. Shape is nearly round with flattened ends. Rind medium thick, very tough and hard; deep bluish-green with practically no variation in color. Flesh deep red, crisp, and when full ripe fairly tender and full flavored.Our stock of this is the Texas Giant Strain, the best in eating and shipping quality of this type of melon. Seeds are large, mottled, dark brown and produced here in the Arkansas Valley. This classic has been in our catalog since the 1941 as the Florida Giant, and through the years as Cannonball (1950s) before finally becoming the Black Diamond we know today in the 1970s, and is still asked for in our local farm markets… although not as often now, since a 50 Lb. watermelon really does need a big family to eat it all.For the largest melons, remember to give them space… a watermelon the size of a Black Diamond will grow well beyond where a smaller watermelon like Crimson Sweet will stop. One of only two watermelons we presently carry dating back this far, the other being the newly returned Dixie Queen, these are truly heirloom varieties.Packet contains about 7 grams of seed, or nearly 50 seeds.All orders include a handling fee, however orders with only “free shipping” items will have no further charges. Plus shipping items will include postage depending on size of the order.If Ordering 1 Lb. Or More (Total) Watermelon Seed Click Here for Waiver


90-110 Days to maturity10-12 Days to sproutMelon seeds per packet: About 100Melon seeds per Oz: About 500Melon seeds per Lb: About 8,000Plant 3/4″-1″ deep, in rows 6-8′ apart, thinning to 36″-48″ apart once the seeds sprout.

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