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Bean Bush – Bush Blue Lake 274


55 Days | AAS A real flavor treat, and our most popular bean. Finest quality tender pods 5 1/2″-6″ long. Vigorous, somewhat spreading plants. Makes heavy yields particularly later in the season. This flavorful bean is wonderful fresh for market, or canned for home use. Heirloom variety dating to the early 1960s, this is still one of the most popular bush beans for home gardens, and has been the basis for a half dozen improved types over the years… but never replaced completely. Plants exhibit disease resistance to BCMV and disease tolerance to NY15.

Packet contains about 50 grams of seed.

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55 days to maturity6-12 days to sproutBush bean seeds per packet: About 200Bush bean seeds per 1/2 Lb: About 700Bush bean seeds per Lb: About 1,400Planting should be delayed until all danger of frost is over with a minimum soil temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit at 4 inch depth. Dwarfs are earliest and most hardy. In garden culture, beans are usually planted about 2 inches deep in rows 20 inches apart, and 3 inches apart in the row, in field culture, in drill rows 20 to 30 inches apart to cultivate with tractor. Until blossoming season, frequent but shallow cultivation should be given.Deep cultivation after the plants show bloom is very apt to ruin the crop. Do not disturb plants when covered with dew. One pound will plant 100 feet of drill, and sixty pounds is sufficient for one acre of dwarf bush types. Allow 50 foot row per person. To afford a regular succession of crops throughout the season, plant every two weeks after the first planting until midsummer.

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