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Carrot – Danvers 126


75 Days | This 1940s late season multipurpose variety is longer, smoother and brighter orange-red than other Danvers types. Roots are 2″ wide at the shoulder, tapering to a blunt end at a length of 7″-8″. Excellent for processing, fresh market and home garden. The nearly icicle shape of the Danvers, bred in the area of Danvers, Mass, was bred to meet the East Coast farmers needs of a carrot able to grow in the often cool and rocky soil of the original states. This variety is most likely what you think of when you say carrot.You will not be charged shipping costs on products that have ‘free ship’ indicated in their title. Otherwise, shipping charges will be added during checkout based on the total weight of the order.


55-80 Days to maturity7-18 Days to sproutCarrot seeds per packet: About 3,000Carrot seeds per Oz: About 18,000Carrot seeds per Lb: About 280,000Any good soil is suitable. It is a good plan to plant a few radish seeds with the carrot, as carrot starts slowly and the radish marks the rows so they can be cultivated before the carrot comes up. Plant rows same distance apart as beets and thin to about 4 inches apart in the row, or, if from 2″-4″ apart, they need not be thinned. Cover about 1″ deep. Cultivate often and thoroughly. Sowing may be made as early in the spring as the soil can be put in good condition, or up to June 15 to 20.

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