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Honeydew – Golden Honeymoon (Gold Rind Honeymoon)


92 Days | First introduced in our 1918 catalog! Very attractive gold rind and thick emerald-green flesh. Smaller than regular honeydew and nearly two weeks earlier. This honeydew is fully ripe when rind is bright yellow and feels slightly waxy or fuzzy. For market use, pick a few days before that. |  Heirloom HoneydewPacket contains about 5 grams of seed.All orders include a handling fee, however orders with only “free shipping” items will have no further charges. Plus shipping items will include postage depending on size of the order.


90-110 Days to maturity3-7 Days to sproutMelon seeds per Oz: About 1,000Melon seeds per Lb: About 16,000Plant 1″-2″ deep, in rows 6′-8′ foot apart. Thin or transplant to a spacing of 2′-3′.Water at base of the plant every 10-14 days until melons reach softball size.

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