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Broccoli – Calabrese Green Sprouting


60 Days  |  This heirloom is disease resistant and a hardy producer. 3″-6” heads with bluish green domes. Holds well in the field for extended harvest, as side shoots will form once you harvest the main bloom. Great for the fresh market or for freezing. In our catalog since the 1940s, this is one of the most common garden varieties, and the first we carried.Packet contains about 3 grams of seed.All orders include a handling fee, however orders with only “free shipping” items will have no further charges. Plus shipping items will include postage depending on size of the order.


60-75 Days to maturity7-10 Days to sproutBroccoli seeds per packet: About 1,000Broccoli seeds per Oz: About 9,000Broccoli seeds per Lb: About 140,000Plant 1/4″-1/2″ deep, in rows 24″-36″ apart, thinning to 12″-18″ apart once the seeds sprout.Gardeners with a short growing season will want to start seedlings inside and transplant with other warm crops like zucchini. In a warm climate, plant seeds directly in ground approximately 60-70 days before last frost date. Broccoli is a moderate to heavy feeder and would benefit from occasional feedings of manure tea. Keep evenly moist, especially while forming flower heads. Harvest before buds open.

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