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Watermelon – Premont Seedless Hybrid


90 – 97 Days | Premont are medium green round to oval seedless watermelons with faint light green stripes similar to Crimson Sweet. 15 to 20 Lb. melons with super crisp, deep red flesh. Excellent disease resistance.

Please remember that seedless watermelon require a diploid (normal) watermelon to pollinate with. We normally recommend a variety visibly distinct, so as to avoid confusion. Since Premont is a Crimson Sweet or Allsweet type, a dark rind melon like Sugar Baby or Black Diamond will be easiest to tell apart, or an obviously larger watermelon like Charleston Gray 133.When planting out the seedlings, the standard is 2 to 1 triploid (seedless) to diploid (seeded) watermelons. If planting in rows, we plant the diploid in the center row, with the seedless triploids on either side to maximize pollination.You will not be charged shipping costs on products that have ‘free ship’ indicated in their title. Otherwise, shipping charges will be added during checkout based on the total weight of the order.

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Crimson Sweet-like seedless watermelon90-95 days approximately from transplant to mature fruit15-20 Lb. round melons with light red flesh

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