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Beet – Ruby Queen


50 Days  |  Very uniform, smooth round beet with small tap root that holds shape well when crowded. Sweet, buttery texture, with a bright red color. Extra fine quality, widely used for canning and market. Tops grow 10 to 12 inches. Heirloom variety still one of the top market and garden beets. When you think of fresh beets, these are probably the ones you are thinking of. Cold hardy, these beets can grow in most zones in the US, as well as in parts of the garden most other beets would not do well in.

Packet contains about 5 grams of seed.

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50-60 Days to maturity

10-12 Days to sprout

Beet seed per packet: About 450

Beet seeds per Oz: About 1,500

Beet seeds per Lb: About 25,000

Plant 3/4″-1″ deep, in rows 24″-36″ apart, thinning to 6″-9″ apart once the seeds sprout.

Plant as early in the spring as possible (beets will stand light frosts) or may be started in hotbed and transplanted for extra early. For a continuous harvest, plant at 3-week intervals to Aug. 1.

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