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Cauliflower – Self Blanching


60-70 Days | Pure white, smooth heads that are 6″-8″ inches in diameter. Plant is medium-large with curled upright leaves that will self-wrap in cool weather but not in warm weather, so best for spring planting, later fall crops, or in cooler regions. Fine grained deep heads are great for pickling or freezing, but also a great addition to fresh garden salads.You will not be charged shipping costs on products that have ‘free ship’ indicated in their title. Otherwise, shipping charges will be added during checkout based on the total weight of the order.


60-75 Days to maturity7-10 Days to sproutCauliflower seeds per packet: About 500Cauliflower seeds per Oz: About 9,000Cauliflower seeds per Lb: About 140,000Plant 1/4″-1/2″ deep, in rows 24″-36″ apart, thinning to 18″-24″ apart once the seeds sprout.From our 1922 Catalog: Cauliflower, although one of the most delicate vegetables, is but little grown except by professional gardeners because of the erroneous notion that it is so difficult to grow that only skilled gardeners can produce it. Anyone will be reasonably sure of success with this most desirable vegetable if the cultural directions given below are carefully observed. For spring and early summer crop, sow in March or early in April in hot bed and transplant to cold frame when sufficiently large to handle. As soon as danger of hard freezing is over set in the open ground in rows 2 feet apart and 18 inches apart in the row. The plants will endure a light frost. The soil for cauliflower should be like that for cabbage, but it is better if made richer than is ordinarily used for that crop. Plenty of good manure must be well incorporated with the soil and the latter be brought into the highest state of tilth. No application, however, can be more necessary or more useful than that of cultivator and hoe. For late crop, sow at same time as for late cabbage and treat in the same manner. It should be borne in mind that cauliflower will not head up well in hot, dry weather and hence the sowings need to be so timed as to bring the heads to maturity either before the hot summer weather sets in or not until the cooler weather of the fall. If it receives at this time a liberal supply of water, the size and quality of the heads will be greatly improved. The heads should be cut for use which the “curd” is compact and hard, as they soon become much impaired in quality and appearance after they open and separate into branches.

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